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EatBeat: Manero’s Mobile and the Secret to That Gorgonzola Salad

November 13th, 2009 · 1 Comment



I had to run to downtown West Palm Beach today with my Quilt Guild members and saw Manero’s van parked at the old McDonald’s on Dixie.

My mouth immediately started watering for that gorgonzola salad of theirs.

Restaurateurs are a long-time community favorite

It’s been several years – I can’t find out just how many – since they left their restaurant on Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard and moved to Palm City – just north of Jupiter. It was a popular spot, especially with downtown movers and shakers at lunchtime.

There were groans all over when they picked up and hied north.

A mobile restaurant

In ’08, however, they decided they missed the downtown fans who made up a great number of their devotees – judges and lawyer types in particular.

So, they opened Manero’s Mobile – a van that offers select classics from the restaurant menu.

It was there I picked up my lunch for today.

Eat the salad with someone you love

A small gorgonzola salad and a bowl of French onion soup sounded good as I stood shivering outside the van.


It was as tasty as it looks and for $7.50 – a bargain — I could have shared it. (It also came with 2 slices of bread and real butter.)

The salad had a huge amount of gorgonzola crumbles, and the greens crisp and nice. The soup container bested me: It was so full, it squirted out when I lifted the well-sealed lid. Best to do this over a sink. It had two really huge balls of melted mozzarella on top, covering the two slices of dark bread floating underneath, and a chock-full-of-onion beef broth.

Though a tad salty, I slurped every last drop.

Ping! It’s the dressing!

A small cup of nearly clear dressing was included for the salad, and I dipped my fork into it to taste before pouring it over the salad. Wahoo — it was loaded with garlic!

It’s the secret to that salad — anybody can make a gorgonzola-covered salad, but oh, that dressing! You definitely need mints (Note to Manero’s: stick a mint in the bag!) afterward. Ain’t no vampires coming around you, however, with this breath.

But tasty and memorable: A big yes!

Prime rib sandwich on the menu

The other food they’re probably most known for (other than one of the best martinis in the area) is their prime rib. They make a sandwich version for lunch; it’s on my to-order list, along with the turkey and mashed potatoes with trimmings on Monday’s special list.

They’re downtown West Palm on the weekdays for lunch, or check out the restaurant in Palm City.

You can save time and order online and go pick up the foods. They deliver to offices and crowds.

And: That special garlic dressing is available online, or at the restaurant.

Manero’s Mobile

  • 600 N. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach
  • Monday-Friday, 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  • Walk-up or call ahead,
  • Phone: 877-4-GORG-FIX (877-446-7434); www.manerosmobile.com

Manero’s Restaurant

  • 2851 S.W. High Meadow Ave., Palm City
  • Phone:  772-220-3011
  • Open daily, from 5 p.m. for dinner.

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  • 1 Alyson // Nov 14, 2009 at 10:11 am

    Great EatBeat insight! I’ve been dying to try Manero’s. It’s now on my to-visit list for lunch next week. Thanks, Jan.

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