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Kings Are Running – Sleek and Tasty Steaks

June 25th, 2009 · 2 Comments

John and Wiley and kings

John and Wyatt Perry and kings

King mackerel and two Missouri boys

It’s summer — that, to me, means “seas 2 to 4 with a light chop; occasional afternoon squalls” and fishing as often as weather permits. I haven’t fished much lately, but long ago, when we had boats, I was out every weekend. That’s for another post.

I live next to a marina, so when friends from Missouri came in to re-do a bathroom, they immediately glommed onto the water and fishing idea. I promised to set up something for them, and managed to hook them  up on a good bright day with Bill Wummer on his Contender — for Father’s Day.

The 3-Hour Tour

John and his 15-year-old-forever-plugged-into-an-MP3-player Son Wyatt went out for the legendary 3-hour tour, but after a while, we began to think they had gone to the Tortugas.

Instead, they got into the kings, and had A-plus conditions, so they were gone a good part of the day.

They brought back these beauties. What you can’t see are six more in the wheelbarrow.

Steaks preferable t0 fillets

Bill and his nephew steaked these out — best way to handle these. (Coat them with mayo and broil, or stick them over charcoal after putting a little rub on them.) Yum. Some folks deep-fry them – that’s OK, but they’re a bit oily for me, so cooking these firm fish on the grill is the answer.

Toughest part was figuring the least-costly way to dry-ice pack for Missouri. Hope they made it — though the photos are a good souvenir – and they’re not PhotoShopped!

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  • 1 George P // Jun 25, 2009 at 4:06 pm

    Kings are great for smoked fish dip too, but that takes time.

    A commercial captain up your way taught me to steak them, then coat them with olive oil, minced garlic and lemon juice, then grill. Since I’ve gotten too lazy to smoke them, it’s become my favorite kingfish recipe.

  • 2 ksteinhoff // Jun 25, 2009 at 4:09 pm

    John did a good job of shooting while fishing.

    Here’s another view of their trip.

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