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Happy Boxing Day in the Commonwealth – or Second Christmas Day in Scandinavia

December 26th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Fresh Florida orange cake

I like the idea of a second day of Christmas – it will happen here at my house where we will exchange gifts with closest family today. Too much to do on the real Christmas Day with families scattered over three or four cities and 100 miles apart.

I’ll make my mom’s orange cake today, I’ve decided. Since I’m grating all those oranges for the orange drop cookies, might as make the cake.

You need fresh juice oranges – the ones we ate from the field as kids. In winter, we’d stop along U.S. 27 on our trip to family in Pensacola, and pick a sackful from a grove to take with us. Seems the groves were so plentiful and holiday spirit so friendly, nobody cared. Now, they have barbed wire fences all along the grove lines and some with signs: No Tresspassing! Too bad.

Here’s the recipe for that Orange cake. But remember the warning: Florida juice oranges (I think I remember mom referring to them as pineapple oranges) and a lot of patience to spoon the syrup over the cake. I say an hour, but it takes me closer to 3 hours. Too good for words!

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  • 1 Scott Simmons // Dec 26, 2011 at 11:13 am

    Your mom’s orange cake was one of the wonders of its day. It’s best chilled within an inch of its life, too. All the better to thicken that concentrated juice…

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