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Happy New Year! Eat Well and Prosper – 11 Resolutions for Cooks

January 1st, 2011 · 1 Comment

Everybody makes resolutions for the New Year. Here are 11 resolutions for cooks for 2011.

  1. Resolve to eat better quality food with every bite. Life is short – too short to waste on food you never remember even tasting.
  2. Resolve to treat yourself – in moderation. Even if you’re dieting, have a special treat set aside every week – something you really love. Savor it.
  3. Resolve to banish the term “I’m starving!” from your vocabulary. You aren’t. There are millions who are, however. Think about them before you use that phrase. Do something about it, too.
  4. Resolve to use leftovers and learn to create with them. Too many throw out food that’s perfectly good when so many do without. Top chefs waste almost nothing. Freeze it. Swap it with a neighbor or take a plate to a shut-in. Everybody wins.
  5. Resolve to respect the planet in the kitchen. Bamboo cutting boards, recycled paper, ceramic coffee cups, shopping for used pots and pans and small electric gadgets – and using your own coffee in those one-cup machines – all ways you can reduce, recycle, reuse, repurpose.
  6. Resolve to try a new food every month. Something you’ve never eaten before. Squid. Carpaccio. Sushi. Brussels sprouts. Sea urchin. Tongue sandwiches. Kim chi. Spicy okra. Blood sausage. Turkish food. Moroccan food. Greek food. Peruvian food. Cornbread without sugar. Gluten free pasta. Make a list of 12 and cross them off!
  7. Resolve to teach someone else to cook, or take classes to better your own skills in the kitchen.
  8. Resolve to shop as locally as you can. Buy from local farmers, get products made within 100 miles of your kitchen. Stop the carbon footprint of shipped foods – help save this planet.
  9. Resolve to visit a farm, and take a kid with you. Discover where your food really comes from so you have a better appreciation of how much it takes to get it to your table.
  10. Resolve to stop reading cookbooks and watching cooking shows – get in the kitchen and cook!
  11. Resolve to finally get your family cookbook done – pass along those heirloom recipes before it’s too late…time flies.

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  • 1 Jen M // Jan 3, 2011 at 1:59 pm

    Happy New Year to you as well. Thank you for the tips. Especially #11. I’ve got a handful of recipes that I’ve never shared with my family, even though they love them.

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