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I’ve created a monster — a fun and informative one, to be sure, but JanNorris.com requires a good bit of my time. While it’s true I have some clams — they’re in a white wine sauce, not in my bank account.

Therefore, I sell ads here to keep my readers up to date on restaurant news and events, new and fun food trends, and to tell the tales of food and Florida I want to personally share as a lifelong native of the Sunshine State.

Find my site on Google Ad PlannerReaders land here through searches from throughout the U.S., with the Northeast Seaboard corridor the majority of readership. These food readers stay on the site a remarkably long time once they come, finding multiple topics that appeal and fresh content that’s updated more than once daily.

The daily Appeteaser, a once-daily summary of my content posted the previous 24 hours, is delivered to subscribers via email once each day. The content is also on Facebook, and Twitter.

My site is linked from City and Shore Magazine, The Coastal Star and Sun Sentinel newspapers, and through GO! inflight magazine – publications where I am a columnist or contributor.

So think about putting your client in front of those readers as well as my own.

Know, however, that an ad on JanNorris.com will get you just what I promise: Exposure on the site to a wide group of  online readers – but no control over my content. (And, sorry, but my mailing list is not for sale — it’s a promise that keeps my readers returning.)

To get rates and see placement examples, email my Advertising representative.

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