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Annual January Kitchen Tasks

January 3rd, 2011 · 1 Comment

Like a car or computer or other major tool in your life, a kitchen needs attention at least once a year to maintain its proper working order. Clean up and throw out!

Here’s a check list to get things going.

Sharpen your knives! Have them professionally done at least once a year, twice or quarterly if you’re a heavy duty cook. Replace them if it’s time – I love a Santoku knife. It’s extremely utilitarian.

Clean out your spice cabinet. Get rid of the old. Smell test them and toss the hay-smellers.

Clean out your cleaning supplies. Green is in – use earth-friendly products. No excuses – you can find the new Clorox Greenworks at Publix and other supermarkets.

Toss out and replace old pans, cookie sheets and gadgets that don’t work. Buy gently used ones in thrift shops if possible – reuse, reclaim, recyle!

Organize your cabinets. Make it easy on yourself to cook.

Replace your dish cloths, cutting boards (use bamboo, boards – they’re sustainable!), sink strainers and underfoot mats. Start fresh all over.

Clean out the fridge and freezer and start labeling stuff in them. Don’t hold onto foods forever. Toss the junk you’ll never eat, or donate the “still edibles” to a food bank.

Organize your recipes – and start cooking again. Make a new dish every Tuesday. Or the day of your choice.

Make your own checklist and see to it before January ends!


(Full disclosure: If you click through to Amazon from the links in this story to look at things or shop around, I make a few pennies. If you buy something, I make a few more pennies.)

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  • 1 Louise Murtaugh // Jan 3, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    Hi Jan,

    Great stuff. I think I’ll work on some of that . .


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