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Grill Recipes – Bacon Explosion, Bacon Weave – Whatever You Call It, Bacon Rules

May 27th, 2012 · No Comments

A bacon weave covers pork sausage and is grilled - that's the Bacon Explosion. /photo by Bradford Schmidt

Not that long ago, this recipe was makin’ the bacon rounds. Bacon was “rediscovered” by chefs, who caused a small riot of baconheads throughout the country.

Who could out-bacon the next? Clearly, the guy – and it’s always guys who go to these extremes, and usually, it’s after several beers – who came up with this dish wins.

Simply set out: Weave a mat of bacon.

Step 1: Weave bacon strips. /photo by Bradford Schmidt

Cover it with a pork sausage roll or fill it with the “stuffing” of your choice. Roll up the mat, and put it on the grill to smoke-cook. Take it off and let it rest.

After smoking on grill - Bacon Explosion ready to slice. /photo by Bradford Schmidt

Voila! A bacon explosion – once it’s sliced into pinwheels. Thinly – this is rich stuff, kiddo.

Bacon Explosion - sliced into explosive pinwheels - think of them as porky fireworks for your mouth. /Photo by Bradford Schmidt

There are those who can’t cook without a recipe. I get it.

So here you go. It goes by many names: Bacon Explosion, Stuffed Bacon Weave, Bacon Wrapped Sausage.

Bacon Explosion

2 pounds bacon slices, out of fridge for 30 minutes

1-1/2 pounds ground pork sausage – your choice (Italian, country, hot, mild) -see note

Filling ingredients – mix, match or omit:

1 cup thawed chopped spinach. drained, just to say you ate something healthy on this day

1/2 cup onion or fig jam

1/2 cup grated cheese

1/4 to 1/2 cup chopped jalapenos

Topping, optional
Rub or dry spices of your choice

Weaving bacon mat /photo from theblackpeppercorn.com

Spread 1 pound bacon slices on work surface (cover counter with plastic wrap to work on counter. Begin weaving the other pound of bacon into the first to make a mat of bacon.

Once the bacon mat is woven, make filling:

Spread sausage into a rectangle – smaller lengthwise than the bacon mat by 2 slices of bacon. (Bacon will need to cover the sausage.) Top sausage with the fillings of your choice – or none; roll up the sausage into a roll.

Set the roll on the center of the bacon mat. Bring up both sides to cover roll, tucking ends in.

Heat charcoal, gas grill or smoker to medium-hot. Set bacon explosion on grill and cover grill (close lid). Cook for approximately 2 hours or internal temperature reaches 160 degrees, turning once or twice during cooking.

Remove to a cutting board and let rest for 10 minutes. Slice with very sharp knife into pinwheels. Best eaten with beer.

Makes 10-12 servings.

Just had to share this, too:

Bacon beer mug - with molten cheese. /photo from Geekologie.com

And this:

Bacon-wrapped whole chicken /photo at belch.com

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