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Quick Kitchen Tricks – Bundt Butt Chicken, Stainless Sink Odor Remover and Seal a Bag with No Clip

September 22nd, 2010 · 2 Comments

I love quick tips for the kitchen and over the years have heard thousands – and forgotten them just as quickly.

But some I put into practice and remember.

One of these came back to me as I read September’s Real Simple magazine: Use a bundt pan for roasting a chicken upright. It’s not the same as the beer-can chicken on the grill – it lacks the smoky flavor. But it accomplishes a moist, crispy-skin chicken. It’s also more stable than the beer can version. You can use a vertical roaster, but chances are you have a bundt or tube pan already in the house.

Throw some cut-up vegetables in the bottom of the pan, too. Suggestions: Quartered onions, artichoke halves, squash pieces, sweet or white potatoes, turnips…

The result is a one-pot meal. To help stabilize it and get the bird out of the oven without tipping, put it on a stable baking sheet.

Wash your hands then rub your sink

Got onion or garlic smells on your hands? I never wear gloves when working with a knife, so I always seem to have garlicky fingers. Wet your hands, then rub your stainless steel faucet or sink. Odor’s gone. Why does this work? Beats me – there’s speculation that the sulphur in the foods adheres to the compounds that make stainless steel stainless. Just a guess, but it works for fish, onion and garlic. I did it last night, so I know.

Fancy folding seals the bag

For this one, you have to watch the video below. There’s a way to fold down the top of a bread or chip bag so you don’t need a clip and air stays out. Brilliant.
Got a quick tip of your own? Comment and add it below!

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  • 1 Lila Steinhoff // Sep 22, 2010 at 11:43 am

    Another way to remove garlic odor from your fingers is to rub them on a wooden spoon or a wooden knife handle under running water. Gone in a second.

  • 2 Sarah // Oct 6, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    amazing.. and it looks delicious 🙂 thanks for this trick.

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