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Today in Food: Great American Beer Festival

October 10th, 2008 · 1 Comment

My friend Dan Oliver (The Palm Beach Post’s Beer Guy) is out in Denver, quaffing a few good beers with his buds. He makes the trek each year as a genuine brew enthusiast and student of beermaking around the world to the Great American Beer Fest, (Oct. 9-11), now in its 27th year. (Check out their web site, because they offer live podcasts of neat seminars, etc.) More than 400 breweries show up to strut their suds. Medals are awarded and the true beer aficionadoes of the country are rewarded with some quality craft beers.

It’s therefore fitting to note that Adolphus Busch, godfather of the largest brewery in America (now owned by Belgians) died in 1913 on this day. With his father-in-law, Eberhard Anheuser,┬áhe founded the Anheuser-Busch brewing dynasty.

Both men would likely be spinning if they could see the swill they’re producing under their name today, however — it bears no resemblance to the types of beer the two men brewed and sold in the late 1800s in America. They should stick to raising Clydesdales and making commercials — and skip the beer.

Just one woman’s opinion.

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  • 1 ToddB // Oct 22, 2008 at 8:20 am

    Could not agree more, Jan! I think that some of the local brews are far superior, especially since you showed me the light about the modern American swill. Yuengling is my new mass-produced favorite. However, a local beer in my home state of Mississippi, Lazy Magnolia Brewery’s Southern Pecan is AMAZING!!! Instead of wheat, they use pecans… just a great beer if you happen to be going through Alabama, Mississippi, or the Florida Panhandle.

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