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Today in Food: Of Jell-O and Delis, Bras and Wrestling

September 26th, 2008 · 2 Comments

I tease my hungry-for-hits webmaster constantly that I should write about food porn. The word “porn” in anything will drive people to your web site, even if your page doesn’t gyrate and grind. (There is, by the way, a web site devoted to food porn — those decadent photos of dishes that border on R ratings. They have fun with it, and it’s a riot to read at times…they don’t take themselves too seriously over there.)

Searching for food, however, can accidentally land you on a porn site.

To wit: In the early-early days of the Internet, searching was hit and miss. A lot of misses.

There is a group of usenet sites – with .alt, as in alternative — in the names. These predated web forums, but linked groups of like-minded folks on their computers, even pre-emails (yes, Virginia, there WERE computers before the Internet and emails).  A bicycle site, for those who ride tandem and might want to tour Eastern Europe, might be labeled like this:


Think Dewey decimal — the semantic version.

So, when researching a story about Jell-O for a column one day, I decided to look into that commercial that said something about the Jell-O jiggle or wiggle — I couldn’t remember which it was. I typed in the search words Jell-O and jiggle and wiggle.

The computer returned this beauty:

alt.jello.wrestling.Amazon.women.jiggle . . .

Not what I was looking for, but it provided a great deal of amusement for all the guys who dropped by my office that day.

So today, when my friend Bev Snow sent me a link to this blog about a deli in Taiwan — but a bra deli – I laughed big time. It is, indeed, a deli for brassiere shoppers.

The hilarious blog writer, a knitter, tells of having them sold by weight!! Dolly Parton types would pay breadfruit price…while Twiggy profiles can get away for the price of eggs — scrambled. Exchanges, kilos for kilos, are permitted! (Go here to read about it.)

And when you’re searching food stuff, be careful out there!

(Welcome, all you pervs who hit me because of porn and bras in my tags — food doesn’t discriminate!!)

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  • 1 ksteinhoff // Sep 27, 2008 at 1:49 pm

    You gopta be careful of those web searches.

    When I first got into cycling, I Googled “bicycle shorts.”

    My eyes were opened and my browser quickly closed when I discovered that there are a LOT of sites more interested in what’s BEHIND the shorts than consumer reviews of which ones are most comfortable.

    Jan mocks Usenet, but I did a quick search and found 349 groups out of a total of 109,293 that contained the word “food.”

  • 2 Ben // Sep 27, 2008 at 9:58 pm

    Oh my gosh, this post is so funny!

    Suppose that ‘porn’ in any combination makes for a winning entry as it will surely increase your chances of being seen via an Internet search engine.

    By the way, I just had to click the link… you know… just to see what it was all about!

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