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Good Friday! Madhouse Munchies: Good Chips, Good Company

January 22nd, 2010 · 1 Comment

I like a good potato chip as well as the next muncher, I guess.

So when I was on a trip to St. Pete for, sadly, a funeral for a too-young friend, I stopped at a sandwich shop downtown and picked up a bag of Madhouse Munchies chips to go with our pretty-good sandwiches.

Two chips, then the trash

I ate two of the Sea Salted variety, then tossed them. They were rancid. Then, I went back and pulled the bag out of the trash, to determine if they were past their freshness date.

The fresh date was a month away. After reading their fresh ingredient list, as well as the company owner’s email address printed on the bag, I decided to let the company know of my experience.

I’m not a leech

 I know that if a company isn’t aware its product is broken, it can’t fix it. So I write to companies when I have a legitimate gripe, or to let an owner know of a problem that may affect others.

My intent with my email to Madhouse Munchies was to let them know about their product in South Florida – maybe they were using a bad storage facility or trucking system that would affect freshness somehow.  I even included the batch coding and every other piece of info I could find.

Personal response

Instead of what I had expected – a form letter apologizing and asking for my address to send me a coupon for a free bag – this company sent me a personal email letting me know they were concerned that the bag had not been sealed – they were very thankful I had included the batch number, the location of purchase, and so on.

Then, fresh chips

They did ask for my address so they could have me try these chips at their freshest – direct from the factory. They were indeed fresh, and delicious. Not too greasy or salty.

I tried several varieties – the Sea Salt is my favorite and lives up to its name – Simple Natural Goodness. Crispy, not too salty, but salty enough – just right. I still prefer the Kettle brand of BBQ chips – but Madhouse’s Mesquite BBQ variety runs a close second.

All natural

The ingredients are all natural – no trans fats, no rotten stuff. The chip world in general is getting away from all that, but if you’re shopping, definitely take time to read the ingredient list on chip bags.

Look for Madhouse Munchies at select sandwich shops, delis, and Whole Foods Markets. Or, buy them online at Amazon.

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  • 1 sirio ross // Jan 29, 2011 at 5:14 pm

    I still think that this stuff is junk food. I’d rather eat
    popcorn anyday.

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