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Guest Blog: Cincinnati Chili and Little King’s Ale

October 1st, 2011 · No Comments

John Swinford

A Delray Beach blogger, John Swinford, found my site and thought his story about his college town food (he’s a U of Cincinnati grad) might interest my readers.

Swinford wrote about Cincinnati chili – a peculiar combo of pasta and chili that I know as Skyline Chili. There’s a Skyline Chili outlet in Fort Lauderdale, where I grew up – and where I first learned about the peculiar dish.

Swinford covers it in fuller detail, though he doesn’t go into the making of the actual chili much.

What I can tell you from what I know is that Midwesterners like their chili sweet – and without much fire. It tastes to me more like a Sloppy Joe mixture than actual chili. But then, it’s served on pasta and coated in cheese – so why not throw all tradition to the wind?

I can see where Texans probably dismiss it as something that “ain’t fit.”

A unique combination

Still, it’s unique – a pile of chili on a plate of spaghetti – with or without beans. It’s covered in long thin strands of cheddar cheese, and contains oyster crackers and chopped onion.

Swinford serves his chili with a Cincinnati-brewed beer – Little King’s Cream Ale. It’s notable first for the 7-ounce bottles it comes in – smart marketing: you have to drink two to get close to the amount in most other bottles. It’s an American-style beer – top fermented, but more like a lager.

Read all about the brew here.

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